Back to the City MPLS

Haunted Forest Interview with Back to the City MPLS on MCN6

On June 22, 2023, our interview with Back to the City: MPLS aired on MCN6. In this interview, Josh talks about his journey with cancer and Bipolar Disorder and explains how that journey is expressed through the songs and stage production of A Sunken Ship Irony. Cassidy Anderson from Artificial Flowers was also there to talk about addiction and recovery.

This all segued into a conversation about the show we’d been planning at Bryant Lake Bowl, in which we’re building a haunted forest.

Simon Calder is a fantastic host, and he’s good at asking thought-provoking questions. His enthusiasm for songwriting is very clear in this interview, as is his charisma (and charming British accent).

The interview is about an hour long, and you can watch the full thing (in two parts) below.