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Back to the City MPLS
Haunted Forest Interview with Back to the City MPLS on MCN6

On June 22, 2023, our interview with Back to the City: MPLS aired on MCN6. In this interview, Josh talks about his journey with cancer and Bipolar Disorder and explains […]

Lofi Josh
How to Perform Lofi Acoustic Music Live on a Stage

By Josh Wirtanen A Sunken Ship Irony began as my solo project back in 2004, but over the years it’s sort of evolved back and forth between a full band […]

Into the Sea
Into the Sea Has Some Weird Vibes, Doesn’t It?

By Josh Wirtanen In 2021, I wrote a ton of music. It was kind of ridiculous, actually. All of it started with this little idea I had for an EP […]

Feathered Bird Thing
What Is a Feathered Bird Thing?

By Josh Wirtanen In August of 2022, A Sunken Ship Irony put out an EP called Feathered Bird Thing. This EP’s cover art features a rough drawing of a critter […]